Barn Wedding

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By Katie Ellul


Barn Weddings - Are you dreaming of a barn Wedding? 


Barn weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples as a choice of venue. And I don’t blame them. When I got married 5 years ago, my husband and I approached two local barns near us to see if they would host our wedding. But neither would. Fast forward 5 years and barn weddings are a favourite choice of venue.

When Vicky and Robbie met me at the Tudor Barn in Burnham for their pre wedding photo shoot, I was amazed by the barn’s beauty. We walked around its large grounds, finding lots of beautiful spots to take natural portraits and document their engagement. I particularly loved the hidden garden where their was a mass of head height fox gloves. They were glorious. Barn’s lend themselves beautifully to a rustic, whimsical and natural themed wedding. I can’t get enough of them!

The The Tudor Barn’s exterior is as glorious as its interior. The great hall has a fantastic array of fairy lights creating a romantic ambience. Vicky and Robbie’s wedding day had plenty of love and romance. Their wedding was one of the most emotional and tear inducing I have ever attended! It really was a beautiful day. 

Their wedding took place in November so daylight was in short supply, but we managed to get some great shots outside. The couple even had some sparklers for some beautiful images in the evening. 

The after party followed the speeches and a great band called Check One Music got the party started. They played a fantastic lineup and got everyone dancing. Even me! Head over to their website to see (or hear) for yourself! 

Congratulations again Vicky and Robbie. 

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