Family Photo Shoot

Old Redding Woods, Stanmore

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By Katie Ellul

Looking to book a family photo shoot in Stanmore?

Find out about a great location for your family photo shoot and capture precious moments with me today.

It’s not just a pretty picture…

A family photo shoot shouldn’t just be about posing to create a good shot; it should be about capturing the emotion between loved ones and preserving the moment for generations to come. Come with me on a walk to a tranquil location where we can capture your time together.

Old Redding Woods

Let’s begin our journey at the car park of Old Redding. The woodland situated off Old Redding, Stanmore showcases some beautiful Rhododendrons (in April/May), a small lake and a wonderful collection of rocks which are perfect for adventurous children to climb.

Let’s venture further through the wood and find an avenue of beautiful red wood evergreen trees. The colours are rich and the scent of the pine is divine. The tree line path gentle leads you to the gardens of the historic and beautiful hotel, The Grims Dyke Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel, set in an ‘otherworldly’ location and it’s a great place for a spot of lunch too!

Journey past the hotel and into an ancient orchard where bluebells flower and anemones dance. Listen to the bees, the birds and forget that you are only 3 miles from the M1 and 15miles from the West End. Take the time to talk, laugh and stroll through this oasis. Through a narrow path, head on towards an opening in the woodland where you will find traces of children’s play dens inviting you and your littles ones to create your own camps.

Then when it’s time to go, walk up the slight hill back to the wood where your magical journey began, gently reintegrating you into your reality.

Go on, let’s do it.

Find the time to stroll, laugh and be present with your family, and let’s capture that time, for them.

Katie xx       

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