Gift Ideas for Him and for Her

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By Katie Ellul

Gift Cards

Try a gift card for a Photography session. Unique, personalised and an experience to remember. 

26th January 2018

Gift ideas for Him and for Her 

Are you always struggling for gift ideas on what to buy your Mother, Father, wife, husband, girlfriend, did I mention Mother? Doing last minute google searches on ‘gifts for him’ or ‘gift ideas for her’? I know I am. 

I have often found myself just giving loved ones cash in their birthday cards but wishing I had found that perfect present. 

Buying gifts can be a challenge especially when you are looking for something which is personalised, unique or just a little different. I have spent hours trawling through websites and walking aimlessly up and down the high street and shopping centres trying to find the ‘right’ gift. This is especially hard when you have young children telling you they are hungry or tired, or both!

Perhaps you don’t just want a tangible object to give as a gift but an experience; something they will remember forever? Well, a photography session does just this! Not only is it a wonderful experience but it also comes with the best keepsake; memories made into images for your ‘someone special’. 

Gift Card 

So you think a gift card for a photography session is the right gift choice but your not sure what to spend? Let’s face it photography sessions can be hundreds of pounds. But in reality these are moments captured in time that will last forever. These moments of sharing time with your family and friends is documented and preserved for you to look at in time to come. These images are not only for you but for your future family or friends to look at, keep and cherish. So your money is an investment. You are creating an experience for your ‘someone special’ to remember and hold dear. 

You can spend as much or as little as you like. Choose from a whole session, choose from one of the collections or perhaps just pay for the photo session? You may want to just add an amount towards a session. The choice is yours. 

To purchase a gift card then follow this link and fill in the contact form

Once your payment has been received then your bespoke gift card will be sent either to you or directly to your ‘Someone special’. 

Photographs are memory shakers. Anytime my family and I get the photograph album out we spend ages talking about those in it; about their lives and their stories. It can be especially poignant when those in the album are no longer with us. So take this opportunity and gift someone today with a Photography session with Katie Ellul. 

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