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"Colour inspires me. Be colourful. Be bold!" Katie Ellul

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Pinner walk about

Spring 2017

I’ve recently been exploring what it means to be “Inspired by colour” in my work. Looking for colour in the environment to enhance my photographs further. I love to capture portraits of families, couples and children. Although the beautiful people in my images are the main focus, it has become important to me to season my images with colour and texture. To make my images pop!

Inspired by Colour: The Urban Environment

My niece and I were out and about in the quaint village of Pinner last spring. I noticed she was perfectly colour coordinated with the pastel coloured cottages located there. Soooo I couldn’t resist using them as a backdrop to an impromptu photo shoot. The light and the colours were perfect thus the edited images feel light and airy.

Using an urban environment as a back drop on a photo shoot can be really exciting. It can add more variety to a clients gallery, plus in some cases it can add to the story being told. Being inspired by the colour around me means I can photograph anywhere, in either an urban or natural environmental. Both environments offer a extensive spectrum of colour and finding it is part of the fun. 

Inspired by Colour: The Natural Environment

On the same day of our casual walk about, we couldn’t (ok, I couldn’t) resist capturing some natural environmental shots of my niece in the cows parsley. (This is one plant which I love to photograph against as it has fantastic texture and structure. I love its muted tones of the white and greens. Which in this case worked nicely against my niece’s neutral clothing. This plant can be over shadowed by the glorious blue bell which is flowering around the same time. So when ever I see it out, I love to get some snaps with it and to sing its praises.) The natural environment is controlled by the seasons and weather, so colours come and go giving constant variety of hue and texture.

Once edited it was interesting to see how the same model can look so different in the two separate locations.

Finding and photographing colour in both environments have their challenges: Colour in the natural environment changes quickly so scheduling and keeping up to date with weather changes is a must for me; Colour in an urban environment is less likely to change as quickly therefore giving more time to use a favourite spot and take advantage of its environmental factors. However, there are lots of other obstacles I have to over come such as (the gawping ;)) general public, rubbish bins, parked and moving vehicles – need to remember those moving ones! –  and signs (although I quite like using some signs in my work!).

Yet with all the hard work and challenges of finding the right environment comes all the wonderful shots of families, loved ones and children that I have had the pleasure of photographing. Colour inspires me. Be colourful. Be bold!

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