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By Katie Ellul


Professional Photographer's Love Training!

Training Day with Nina Mace

29th April 2017

If you are a professional photographer looking for training to further develop your skills and techniques whilst photographing children, then Nina Mace is your girl. I recently signed up to one of Nina Mace’s Outdoor Children’s Photography workshops to further develop my skills and knowledge in children’s photography. Annual training is essential what ever business you are in. And who better to train with than Nina Mace. She was recently named as top 3 professional trainers in the UK by the SWPP. She clearly knows her stuff!!

Nina’s workshop was packed full of practical and theoretical advise. Her relaxed informal style put the small group of 5 photographers at ease. She covered aspects relating to light, exposure, composition and colour. The most helpful aspect of the workshop was learning about how to understand light better; how to ‘see’ the light. Learning to see ‘the light’ on location has improved my images in camera and has reduced my editing time. Big bonus! I can now visit a new location and identify where the best light is and plan my route around that area, positioning my clients in those beautifully lit places. 

 Location: Grey’s Inn, Chancery Lane, Holborn, London

The workshop was located in Holborn just of Chancery Lane, set in the private gardens of Grey’s Inn. The gardens were literally ‘under lock and key’ so there really was no escape. Nor could any passer-by enter. No ‘unwanted person removal’ editing required!!  We had an array of beautiful flowers to use as back drops as well as fallen trees to position our young models and compose our images. During the 5 hour workshop we worked with 4 children, two in the first outdoor session and two in the latter. The children’s ages ranged from pre schoolers to Primary School age; Key Stage 2. It was insightful to see how Nina worked with the children and what sort of techniques and strategies she used during the shoot. 

Favourite Image

I think this shot has to be my favourite:


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Connecting: Professional Photographers

It was also a great opportunity to meet other professional photographer’s specialising in the same field and to be able to share our experiences thus far. Sometimes it can be a lonely business; up to the small hours writing blogs for example 😉 So having other photographers to bounce ideas, thoughts, suggestions off was an added bonus to the workshop. 

If you would like to find out more about Nina and the workshops she delivers, follow this link. 




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