Choosing your Wedding Photographer

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By Katie Ellul


What to expect when choosing your wedding photographer?


Perhaps you’re planning your wedding day and you’ve already chosen what everyone is wearing. Perhaps you have already chosen your flowers and sampled your wedding cake. (Well if that is you, you’re far more organised than I ever was when I got married!). But have you yet to find your ideal Wedding Photographer? And you’re asking yourself “how do I go about this?” Well here are some helpful tips when considering your Wedding Photographer.

Selecting your photographer

With so much choice available at a click of a button, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the number of Wedding Photographers available. When selecting your photographer, you want someone you feel you can totally trust; someone with whom you have built up a relationship. After all this is the one person who will spend the most time with you (other than your other half of course!), from the beginning of the planning stage to the big day itself, when you get married. In most cases, you will even see your photographer after your wedding day, to view your heirloom pieces, like albums and frames.

So choosing your photographer will be one of the many big decisions which may take some time and consideration. After all, you want someone you can rely to capture the most momentous day of your life (so far). This person needs to understand how important this day is to you and your beloved. You are unique and your wedding day is too. So having a photographer who will listen to your requirements is key. 

How to choose your wedding photographer?

There are several different ways to go about finding your ideal photographer. I’ve created a small list of some popular ways:

  1. Word of mouth is a great way (and probably the most popular way) to find out which photographer would be your ideal match. Your contact will be able to give you some personal perspective on how your ideal photographer worked with them and in some cases you’ll be able to see their work first hand by looking at their Wedding album.
  2. Reviews are also a great way to see an over view of how a photographer is rated by their clients. Often clients will give in-depth reviews about their experience either on a social media platforms like Facebook or a search engine like Google.
  3. Wedding fairs are still a popular way for clients to find their ideal photographer. It is also a great way to meet and speak to the photographer in person.
  4. Your venue where you are having your wedding may have an ‘in house’ photographer. It is always worth checking out their work. They often have examples of their work at the venue for you to browse. Just ask your venue’s wedding planner (assuming there is one).
  5. Look at the photographers work – what does their portfolio look like? Are these the pictures you have always dreamt of? Often the work speaks for itself. It’s always a good idea to go and visit your ideal photographers social media platforms and of course their website. Their website will often have direct links to their social media platforms where you can follow their most recent work/blogs and see importantly their portfolio.

Once you have selected your photographer – now what?

Hooray, you’ve found your ideal photographer – you’ve been in touch, you gel and they totally understand you and know exactly what it is you want from your wedding day photography. Now what?

Well, in my experience and how I run my business (other photographers may do things slightly differently which is perfectly normal) I would contact you and have a chat over the phone and where possible make a “coffee date” to meet you both (other hot beverages are available – on me of course!). During our chat I’d want to know all about your wedding day plans – this helps me with my photography plan of the day but also, I’m just plain nosy and loooove to hear all the in’s and out’s of your perfect day. If at this stage you are not sure of all the detail – which is likely, do not worry.

I will show you my most recent work and you can ask me any questions which you might have.

After the meeting you’ll have some time to decide whether you’d like to book. It’s important to consider which photographer you choose for your big day – you need to feel like you connect and can trust them.

Book your Ideal Photographer

If your decision is to move forwards with a booking then I would use the information we had collected at the Coffee Date and begin a preliminary photography plan. I know a lot of photographers prefer not to work like this as every photographer is individual – but in my previous career as a teacher, planning was essential, so that part of my life still remains. It means that we will have a rough guide to follow for the day – however, this is by no means a prescribed plan. The plan is merely a guide, as different aspects of the day can and often do over run. It just means we can plan for all the important aspects of the day and capture them as they happen. Above all my plan is there so I have all the information I require before your wedding day. The last thing you want is me asking you a load of questions. This day is all about you and your loved one. And that is where my focus will be to.

The weeks leading up to the wedding I will email you with different outstanding questions – and you can contact me any time with questions which you might have. Then once the preliminary plan has been created I will share it with you. Editing is probable as new aspects of the day may need to be included. But once you are happy with the order of events then the next time we meet will be on your wedding day.

During your Wedding Day: 

If you’d like to read about What a full day at a wedding looks like – Through the lens of a photographer, then follow this link.

After your Big Day

After your wedding day, I will edited all your images. This is a long process and can take weeks. Once your images are ready I will send you your Secure online gallery to view and share your images with friends and family. I can only talk about my own experiences as I know other photographers work in different ways.

Once you have had time to look at your images you may want to have some of your favourites included in a Heirloom piece. Whether that be a framed archival art print or beautifully crafted album.

If you choose to have a heirloom piece then this will be created and both your heirloom piece and USB presentation will be delivered to your door.

Our journey will then come to an end and you and your beloved will have all the memories of your day at your fingertips, to look over, smile and reminisce. That is until you decide to have some family photos taken….wink wink, nudge nudge!

I hope you have found this post helpful. If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your big day then please do get in touch.


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